Creating Your Philosophy

Your educational philosophy is the backbone to why you teach. Without one is like going on a road trip without Google Maps. Here are some resources on how to create your own educational philosophy.

Step 1: Choose the works of an educational advocate you admire.

Many civil rights and human rights leaders have written excerpts on what they believe is the purpose of education. Looking at models of what educational philosophies are can help trigger some ideas for your own.

Some examples of educational philosophies by great advocates:

Dr. Martin Luther King- The Purpose of Education

Stokely Carmichael-The Black Power Speech

Malcolm X-Learning to Read 

Geoffrey Canada- If kids have no future, then business has no future

Johnathan Kozol- The Other America: Giving Our Poorest Children the Same Opportunities as Our Richest

Malala Yousafzai- All Girls Deserve Education Beyond Primary 

Not every educational activist has written expansive papers or literary works. You might want to read a single quote from someone who inspires you.

Step 2: Analyze the text

Take your time and look at every single word in their document. If the paper is long, I would suggest physically printing it out. Highlight what resonates with you-what you agree and disagree with-for full clarity. Make sure you are alone, away from the classroom, and in you most relaxed state.

Step 3: Write what speaks to you

Write in your own notebook your thoughts about what you’ve read. Make new connections to what you’ve read and synthesize from your experiences. You know what ignites your passion better than anyone. The words on your paper have emotion and teaching itself requires you to be all in. Just like Step 2 , take time with this process. Revise and make sure your heart comes through.

For a link to my own educational philosophy, click here.


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