10 Educational Family-Friendly Programs on Netflix


While we may not be sure when the next time we’ll be able to sit in class with our friends, that doesn’t mean the learning process should stop. With a Google Chrome browser extension called Netflix Party, you can still connect with your friends to watch programs and movies on Netflix, all without leaving your home. Here are a few of our family-friendly recommendations, so you can keep your mind active while maintaining social distancing. 

Coronavirus Explained


Times like these may be confusing for all of us, but thankfully, Vox does a great job of explaining what is happening today. On Coronavirus Explained, we learn where COVID-19 originated, how we can protect ourselves and what to do if there is a second wave.




Budding scientists and engineers are in for a treat with the Pharrell Williams-produced Brainchild. In each episode, host Sahana Srinivasan conducts scientific experiments and answers your burning scientific questions. How big is the universe? Is the five-second rule real? Do fish pee? Find out on Brainchild.


The Who Was? Show


On The Who Was? Show, significant historical figures have their journey explained in fun, humorous fashion. Learn the backstories of Marie Curie, Sacagawea, George Washington Carver and more, all while having a good laugh.


Our Planet


Now more than ever, it is important that we make a conscious effort to practice eco-friendly behaviors. On Our Planet, viewers get a glimpse of how our actions are affecting the planet. Luckily, viewers also learn how they can make an impact. Warning: some scenes may be graphic.




In this documentary, former first lady Michelle Obama offers viewers an intimate look at her life growing up in Southside Chicago and her eight-year White House journey. This is Michelle Obama like you’ve never seen her before; more candid and open than ever. 


Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal


You will play as Carmen Sandiego in this interactive Netflix adventure. As Carmen, you will be assigned to save Ivy and Zack when they are captured during a heist in Shanghai. In this choose-your-own-adventure game, you create your own plan to rescue them.


Nadiya’s Time to Eat


If you love to cook, then Nadiya’s Time to Eat offers step-by-step recipes for families. Kids and families alike can break out the ingredients and get some good, hands-on learning done. 


Bill Nye: Science Guy


A treat for kids and parents alike. In this PBS Documentary, Bill Nye explains why we must understand climate change, all while facing skeptics. With fellow scientists Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Eugene Scott, Nye demonstrates the importance of scientific evidence.


100 Humans


Are your habits and opinions similar to those of people your age. On 100 Humans, people of all ages, genders, sexualities and backgrounds are surveyed, answering questions that reveal biases, emotional control and happiness across all stages of life. Warning: some sexual content.


You vs. World


In this thrilling, interactive adventure, you will make the decisions to help outdoorsman Bear Grylls survive and thrive in some of the most harsh environments in the world. In this choose-your-own-adventure game, you will go on missions and help Grylls navigate the world.



(Photo Credit: Isaac Palmisano/Netflix)

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